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The mission of the Plant Pathology Group of IBRC is to contribute to the stable crop production in Iwate prefecture through basic researches. We focus mainly on crop protection from emerging virus diseases.

1) Understanding of plant immunity.
  e.g. Effector triggered immunity in Capsicum plants to tobamovirus (Tomita et al., 2011).
  e.g. Plant R gene hunting (Sekine et al., 2012).

2) Revealing pathogenicity of emerging viruses.
  e.g. Kobu-sho disease in Gentian plants (Kobayashi et al., 2013, Atsumi et al., 2013).
  e.g. Construction of infectious cDNA for Broad bean wilt virus-2 (Atsumi et al., 2013)

3) Development of diagnoses and related techniques.
  e.g. DECS methods (Kobayashi et al., 2009).
  e.g. A multiplex PCR method for the diagnosis of apple-feeding Lepidopteran pests (Hada and Sekine, 2011).



Chief Reseacher           Ken-Taro Sekine, Ph. D.            k-sekine AT ibrc.or.jp

Researcher                   Go Atsumi, Ph. D                       g-atsumi AT ibrc.or.jp

Research Assistant       Asuka Shirakawa

Technical Support         2 persons (R. Tomita and K. O.)


Iwate Biotechnology Research Center
22-174-4, Narita, Kitakami, 024-0003, Iwate, Japan
Telephone: +81-197-68-2911
Fax: +81-197-68-3881
E-mail: k-sekine  AT ibrc.or.jp

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