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About the lab

Molecular Diagnostic Analysis

Plant-Pathogen Interaction Studies

Disease Control Strategy

The mission of the Plant Pathology Group is to contribute to the stable crop production of Iwate Prefecture through the utilization of molecular tools in understanding novel and conventional plant diseases in the region. Specifically, the team focuses on the following:

1. Molecular diagnostic analysis of unknown horticultural crop diseases

- employment of DECS to fish out virus-like particles in infected plants

2. Elucidation of plant-pathogen interactions

- relationship of flower color and disease resistance in Gentian

- unique host-pathogen interaction in Tombusviruses

3. Establishment of foundation in developing new technology for disease control

- development of pathosystems

- screening of disease-resistant cultivars


Chief Researcher Koki Fujisaki, Ph.D. k-fujisaki @ ibrc.or.jp

Researcher John Jewish A. Dominguez, Ph.D. dominguez @ ibrc.or.jp

Research assistant Mari Iwai

Technical assistant 1 member


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